DJ Kaboodle

Holistic, eclectic and alternative DJ, based in the Highlands of Scotland.

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Ritual #6 from DJ Kaboodle on Vimeo.

An surreal, experimental piece created for a university project that gave me free reign.

A very random process was used in an attempt to create something abstract, slightly evil, surreal and psychedelic (i.e. mind-expaning). The idea was to create a kind of dark magical ritual.

The video was chosen at random from a selection of videos in the Prelinger Archives on the Internet Archive.

The music and sounds were constructed in Cubase and Reason, mostly using in-built instruments and a few samples. Repetitive beats were programmed to create a hypnotic, ritualistic effect. Apart from keeping to the mood outlined above, instruments, notes, time signature, length of song and video, effects and so on were chosen at random.

The video was cut up into sections and re-arranged randomly, with random effects applied. This was all done in Kdenlive.

No attempt was made to sanitise or improve the result; the idea was to keep whatever turned up by constantly applying as many random processes as possible, and seeing how the music and video worked together without editing. Obviously, some creative direction was applied in the general look of the video and the ‘evil’ nature of the music and sounds. Otherwise, it was pretty much random.